What people have to say about me

"Ola has translated B/M/D records for me from 1808 through the 1880's well over 100, in both Polish and Russian. I have been very pleased with Ola's work and I find her easy to work with. Ola has been very helpful in showing me variations in spelling of the family names I am searching for. Scanned records that I have e-mailed to Ola are generally back within a few days.  Any questions I have had are replied to in a reasonable time. In conclusion I have found working with Ola very beneficial and enjoyable.  I highly recommend her and hope you will have the same great experience that I had and continue to have." March 2010, Rich S., a response to a request by a prospective client for recommendations

"I have dealt with Ola a number of times in the past, and have been impressed by her abilities;" April 2010, Fred Hoffman, editor of GenDobry, a newsletter by Polish Roots.

"I have found a fantastic translator in the United States who was originally from Poland and knows the history and the language. Ola Heska is very reasonable, fast and accurate with the translations. If anyone is interested, please post to this website and I will give you more information." November 2009, Jean, at http://genforum.genealogy.com

[Ola has] "done a number of translations for me and I've been very pleased with her work." January 2010, Frank, posted on the Bukowsko Triangle forum

"Ola Heska is due credit for her translation of the history of Bukowsko by Feliks Kiryk which he wrote in 1963 and was part of a larger work called
"Rocznik Sanocki"...Yearbook of Sanok.  I had Ola translate that and it was published in the Rodziny Magazine in Fall, 2006   Ola was recommended to me by William F. Hoffman, publisher of Rodziny.   [...]  She is a most capable translator." January 2010, Ann, posted on the Bukowsko Triangle forum

"Ola Heska is a consummate professional.  I have used her services to locate a grandfather who we have looked for over 20 years.  She very accurately translated both Polish and Cyrillic births, deaths, and marriages. She also provided her services to pursue reading  of Cyrillic microfiche of nearby villages in search for more information.  Her expertise was integral in finding our ancestry.   Jean Conser"

"Since Sept 2008, Ola Heska has rendered 101 translations and 529 extracts of Polish and Cyrillic LDS birth, marriage and death records into English for me. She has also handled the written correspondence with foreign archives on my behalf and obtained post 1885 records not found within the LDS film catalog.
I had personally dealt with three previous translators-researchers (including one in Poland and one from Russia) and Ola Heska's work outclassed their's in professionalism, time and cost. Her ability to render the names of even the smallest villages into a form that appears on old, detailed maps is very noteworthy and useful. Within a month of working with Ms Heska, I never considered looking for another translator-researcher.
Frank (Jurgielewicz-Burba) Smoter"