Services available:
-    translation of vital records and other genealogy related materials to/from Polish, Russian, English, Latin,
-    translation of other genealogy related materials,
-    genealogy research, using records available in the US,
-    co-operation with State Archives in Poland and local parishes, if microfilmed records are not available in the US,
-    research in Poland.

In case of translation assignments, once the work is completed, a client receives the translation and the invoice.  The total is to be paid by personal check or money order. Clients from countries other than the US can pay via PayPal in US dollars.  I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with great people who pay for my work promptly, therefore, currently I do not require a deposit. I hope to continue this way.

The speed of translation depends for the most part on the quality of the copies and on the handwriting. You are welcome to email a sample of the records for a quote - it's better to send the worst ones and advise me whether the remainder are of the same or better quality.

State Archives in Poland do genealogical research for people for a fee. Generally, after the initial request, an archive will check whether it has the records in question and will quote a deposit to be wired to its account. After the research is done, the archive informs of the results and if there is any additional amount to be paid, one has to wire the remainder of the fee and then the copies of the records are mailed via registered letter. A request to an archive can be done in English but please be advised that they will answer in Polish.

Requests to parishes go, for the most part, unanswered. Reasons vary (short-staffed, inability to read Russian by younger priests, and yes, sometimes laziness) but what I tell clients is "go ahead and write, don't expect an answer, but I hope you will be pleasantly surprised." Letters to parishes must be written in Polish. A small donation ($10) should accompany your letter.
Some time ago I wrote a letter to a parish on behalf of a client requesting a copy of his greatgrandfather's birth record. We enclosed a small donation, mailed the letter and, never received an answer. A few years later this client went to visit his cousins in Poland and went to this parish to see if he could get a copy of the record. The priest who turned out very helpful, opened the book and.... from the book fell my letter with a photocopy of the record... Turns out, someone just forgot to mail it back.
Research in Poland is discussed on a case-by-case basis. A few guidelines apply though. After contacting the parish, if the priest allows me to visit to research the records, I will determine approximate expenses (transportation, accommodations, meals) and will request a deposit equal the approximate expense amount. The fee for the research time will be billed after the work is completed.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.