Good Books

In the opinion of the GeneLady, genealogy is not only about collecting ancestors' names and the dates of their births, christenings, marriages, and deaths. She thinks that it is important, and fun, to learn about the history and culture of the area and the time period where our ancestors lived in order to more fully understand their lives.  Here are some books which may help you discover more about Busha:

Rosemary A. Chorzempa, Polish Roots - a great introduction to Polish genealogical research.

James Michener, Polanda historical novel. Each chapter introduces various decisive periods of Polish history and follows three main family lines who belong to three different social estates: the counts, the petty nobles, and the peasants.

Wladyslaw Reymont, The Peasants - a historical novel set in a 19th century Polish village follows peasants, both rich and poor, throughout the year. Divided into 4 volumes according to seasons of the year, Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer. We share their happiness and sorrow, their everyday life and holidays.

Sophie Hodorowicz-Knab, Polish Customs, Traditions, & Folklore - Customs and traditions are organized by months. Traditions of regular days as well as holy days are described, as well as birth and death customs. There even is a separate chapter on traditional games and pastimes for children.

Sophie Hodorowicz-Knab, Polish Herbs, Flowers and Folk Medicine - Describes herbs used by our grandmothers in every day life. Included are also layouts and descriptions of kitchen gardens tended carefully by each farmer's wife.

Sophie Hodorowicz-Knab, Polish Wedding Customs & Traditions - can be helpful in planning a wedding rooted in the tradition of our ancestors.

Sophie Hodorowicz-Knab, The Polish Country Kitchen Cookbook - this is not so much a collection of recipes but careful study of foods prepared for each holiday and during each season of the year. There are many drawings of old time kitchen equipment, of steps "how to make" certain dishes, and many photos which help us see how life was in the past.

Robert and Maria Strybel, Polish Heritage Cookery - GeneLady really likes this one, she refers to it quite often. With over 2,000 authentic Polish recipes everyone will be able to choose something good to make. This book is written especially for American cooks using American weights, measures, and temperatures.

Norman Davies, God's Playground, A History of Poland, vol. I and II - for those who want an in-depth study of Polish history.